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Music - Creativity - Inspiration


Inspirational singer, songwriter, channel, guide, visualisation journey creator and creativity coach

A gifted, sensitive, soulful singer,

Laura channels higher wisdom and energies

into her songs, creations, journeys and inspirational sessions.  

She has created and hosts a number of unique experiences which include :


  • Personal one to one channelled sessions  

       allowing for a deep and focused       


  • Creative playdates for Grown ups                         a nurturing, nourishing, fun space

        to free one’s creativity, share with other

        like-hearted souls and play,

        just for fun!                    

  • Calm Creation sessions                                infuse one’s creative flow with love,

       calm  and revitalisation                                                                    

  • Channelled group events                                    on divinely inspired themes

Laura gently yet powerfully channels loving,

wise inspiration in a multitude of ways, a lightness of spirit and sense of fun, uplifting, guiding and inspiring. 


All events include wonderful imaginative channelled journeys and meditations with a loving sense of fun and play. 

Laura also creates unique songs, visualisations and stories for client commissions.  



Download your visualisation

free gift here 

On Laura's singing...

"Sensational"  Richard, UK

"Such moving lyrics"    Gabby, UK

"Such a beautiful voice"   Fina, Spain 

One to One sessions...

“Having experienced several sessions with Laura Heal, I can attest to the extraordinary nature of her channeling talents. Each session has been a remarkable journey in itself. The insights she shares are not only inspiring and empowering but also profoundly transformative. Her sessions are a high vibrational experience that infuses one's life with joy, love, freedom, happiness, and an abundance of fun and laughter. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone seeking guidance and clarity on their path to a more vibrant and rewarding life. Laura's exceptional abilities make her an invaluable guide in the beautiful journey of self-discovery and growth. ”

-John Rusciano, USA

On Creative sessions...

“Laura's playdates are one of my very favorite things to do.
Her soothing voice takes you on a lovely journey into your own imagination, where you can allow your inner child to play and create without shackles or judgment.
My whole day goes better after one of these sessions!”

-Amy, USA

“I have enjoyed a few of Laura's creative playdates via zoom. She creates a lovely fun atmosphere with lots of ideas herself that spark ideas in the group. Her visualisations to set the atmosphere and get us all in a calm creative state are gorgeous.

There is lovely background music when we are creating and somehow the most unusual ideas pop into my mind. Even though each of us has the same topic, the creations are very different and it feels very therapeutic and a lot of fun.”

-Carol, UK 

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