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Testimonials for Inspirational coaching  

I always enjoy Laura’s play date sessions.
It is an opportunity to have fun being creative without worrying about how good your picture is or what anyone else will think. She creates a magical space to enjoy being spontaneous and create from a childlike innocence
that is non judgmental and rewarding.

Ellie, Creative Playdate participant UK


   Creative      Playdates
    for grown ups!

 Come create and play just for fun!


Does that sound good? Leave the seriousness at the virtual door and come on in.  


During the playdate, we shall enjoy a visualisation to tune into the creativity, fun short sessions, inspiration and more.

  • If you haven't been creative since you were a child - this is for you.

  • If you haven't been able to break away from your artistic training and just be creatively free - this is for you.

  • If you would just like to play and have fun with other lovely souls - this is for you.

  • If you would love to be able to say "I am attending a playdate for Grown-ups!" - this is for you. 

  • If you would like the chance to feel all fuzzy and warm after sharing and connecting, creating and even being a bit silly - this is for you.

In the creation sessions - stick figures are highly valued!  

Testimonials for Inspirational coaching 

Laura’s creative play dates are pure magic and so much fun! 

Her beautiful positive energy and powerful visualisation creates a wonderful space to allow creativity to flow.

It brings me right back to the playfulness of being a child, which we so often forget as adults.

Deeply nourishing. 

Caroline, Creative Playdate participant UK

Unique Visualisations

Created for you

All connected, yet all unique. 


At different stages of our lives and adventures, with varying points of focus.   Some may like to relax more, others may wish to expand their consciousness of time.  One may dream of playing, yet another may wish for stillness.

During your session, we shall explore your own current callings, following which I shall create a guided visualisation for you, inspired by you

Inspirational Coaching Sessions

  • Individually tailored and created 

  • Featuring Laura's unique inspiration, guidance, visualisations and techniques

  • One to one sessions

  • On-line

  Contact me 

  to co-create


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Let's co-create...

Connect and contact me here. 

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Thank you. I shall be in contact soon.

Wonderful wishes to you.
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